Capitive factory

Introduction of our own factory

A high-quality suit production factory that pays close attention to everything from the thread to the thread.

Our factory produces high-quality suits, paying particular attention to everything from the thread.

All processes from design to molding are done by hand, and each piece is produced with the utmost care by each and every professional craftsman.

[Fusion of tradition and technology]

By combining tradition with the latest technology, we give our suits a unique quality and design.

We are equipped with large sewing machines and machines for making clothes, and their performance is extremely high, but we do not rely entirely on machines, but rather stick to the manual work of our craftsmen.


[Careful production by craftsmen]

All processes from design to molding are done by hand by individual craftsmen.

We work with a passion for suits, so each piece is imbued with the warmth and sincerity of our craftsmen.

[Mass production while maintaining high quality]

While high quality is our absolute priority, we have succeeded in achieving mass production and keeping prices low for our customers.

In order to provide the best suits for our customers, we focus on both quality and efficiency.

[Mission to customers]

Our factory's mission is always to provide the highest quality suits that meet the needs of our customers.

Our factory's strengths are the fusion of tradition and technology, careful handcrafting, and mass production.

We take pride in continuing to manufacture the best suits for our customers.

Since I can't be involved in custom-made products, I put my heart into it.

Thank you