Dressing for business situations is one of the important skills to express your high-quality image.
If you don't look right, you can give clients and colleagues the impression that you're an amateur or an amateur in your industry.

Therefore, it is very important to wear a suit that fits you well and is of good quality.
So, how can you choose a cost-effective, high-quality suit and match it to yourself?

Use the guide below to suit your skin tone, hair color, style, body type, and occupation.

1. What color suit suits your skin color?

⚪︎If you have fair skin with a reddish/yellowish tinge and your hair color is brown, warm colors will suit you.
In this case, recommended suit colors include rice blue, champagne gold, warm black, and deep brown. By matching Mei with brown eyeshadow and orange blush, the whole look is harmonious.

⚪︎If your skin is white with a pinkish tinge and your hair color is black or purple, cool colors are recommended. Gray and blue are suitable colors for suits.
For makeup, gray eyeshadow and pink-purple cheeks go well together.

2. What style of suit suits your body type?

Women's body shapes and bones are generally divided into five types: A, I, 8, V, and O, and there are suit styles suitable for each.

Look at yourself in the mirror:

⚪︎If your shoulders are narrower than your hips
A type body type.
A double-breasted suit is recommended. Since your upper body is narrow and your lower body is wide, double-breasted breasts can help you balance your appearance by making your shoulders appear broader. It is better to combine a skirt or dress with a suit jacket.

⚪︎If your shoulders are wider than your hips
V-type system.
Single-breasted suits suit this body type, especially wide-legged pants.

⚪︎If your shoulders and hips are about the same width and your waist is narrow
She has a body type of 8.
This curvy body type is best suited with a suit made of thin material and cinched in at the waist.
It also goes well with skirts.

⚪︎If your shoulders are the same width and you are very slim, you have an I-shaped body like a model.
By choosing thick materials, you can add volume to your body.
We recommend an oversized suit.

⚪︎If your body is rounded and your waist is not very thin
Body type O.
For this body type, a double-breasted suit worn open is a good option.
Also, by wearing a suit in a dark, muted color and pairing it with a light-colored shirt, you can have the effect of tightening your figure.

3. What qualities does your profession require?
When choosing a suit, you don't necessarily have to choose a traditional black suit.
First, it is important to consider your industry and position.

⚪︎Sales and Marketing Occupations that involve a lot of contact with customers. It is important not only to have a professional impression, but also to have a bright and friendly impression.
Therefore, lighter colors such as rice white, silver gray, and champagne gold are recommended.
Recommended colors that can be used in business situations include light blue and navy.
You can also create an elegant and striking look by pairing it with double-breasted suits, straight skirts, and pearl accessories.

⚪︎Back-office work such as finance and documents It is important to give an impression of stability and trust to colleagues and superiors, so stable colors such as deep blue, gray, and black are recommended.
We recommend a classic single-breasted suit design.

August 28, 2023 — ziyi he