[Perfect for commuting] Two button jacket gray suit set

○ Suits that suit the bone structure of Asian women

A suit set with the shoulder ratio adjusted to fit the Japanese body type.
Smoothing the shoulder line gives the upper body a clean look.
The design tightens the waistline for a feminine and elegant look.
The design of the calf part of the pants corrects the calf line and makes your legs look slimmer.

Function ...

Machine washable
- Comfortable and safe with stretch material
・Wrinkle-proof material, no ironing required
Reinforced lining throughout to prevent damage
・Sun protection effect

It is made from a material that prevents damage and is safe and convenient, making it ideal for situations where you wear it frequently and are active.

*This product comes with a hanger.

material ······

Outer material: 70% polyester, 30% composite fiber
Lining: 100% polyester